Building News

The Marlborough Public Library Building Committee held its first meeting in March 2016. The Committee is charged with evaluating the site for a new library facility, including the current site and providing input into the design of a new facility.

All of this work prepared us to apply for a construction grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners in January 2017. These grants typically fund between 40% – 45% of construction costs.

Grants were announced on July 13, 2017. Marlborough is 4th on the Waiting List for a grant of $10,186,626.

Grants for the first 9 libraries that received funds were awarded with money from an existing bond bill. Once more money is allocated for the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program (MPLCP) we will receive our grant.

Many thanks to Mayor Vigeant and the City Council for their support and members of the community who are closely watching our progress and looking forward to a new addition and expansion of our West Main Street facility.

Members of the Marlborough Public Library Building Committee pictured with Mayor Vigeant

Building Committee

The Marlborough Public Library Building Committee

Tom Abel, Library Trustee
Dennis Cavanaugh, Community Member
Vinny Farese, Community Member
Cynthia Panagore Griffin, Assistant City Solicitor
John Irish, City Councilor
Samantha Khosla, Community Member
Stephen Leduc, Community Member
Robyn Ripley, Library Trustee
Andy White, Public Facilities
Margaret Cardello, Library Director
Denis Ingham, Project Manager