Adult Department

We have regular adult programs covering a wide variety of topics. The programs are free and all materials are supplied by the library. These programs are open to adults ages 18+ unless otherwise noted. The following are some of our recurring events. Check out our calendar to see more recurring and one-time adult events!

Adult Book Club

The Adult Book Club is for anyone 18 and older who loves to read and wants to discuss great books with other members of the community. We typically meet the third Monday of the month from 6:30-8 PM or the third Thursday of the month from 10:30-Noon. Both meetings discuss the same book, so feel free to join either meeting at any time throughout the year! If you are interested in learning more, please go to the Adult Book Club Page.

The Bindery

The Bindery is an adult crafting series focused on the art of making handmade books. Each class is designed to stand alone, so you can feel free to pick and choose! Classes may cover unique binding methods or techniques for embellishment. Please register for these classes.

Crafter Dark

Crafter Dark is an adult crafting series covering topics like jewelry, hand-lettering, paper crafts, and more! Be sure to check in with us every month to see what new classes we’re planning! Please register for these classes.

English Conversation Circles

Marlborough Public Library offers free English Conversation Circles, no testing or registration needed — just show up! All participants are encouraged to speak and practice English. We’ll talk about current events, your interests, food, restaurants and what’s happening in Marlborough. For more information, please visit out English Conversation Circles Page.

Financial Literacy

People want to make good financial decisions that set them up for success both today and in the future, but not everyone knows the questions to ask, the information to gather, or the long-term effects of these decisions. Each month we will cover a different topic, including: budgeting, saving for college, and understanding your credit score. Please register for these classes.

Be sure to look for our Financial Literacy display! We’ll have plenty of booklets for you to take home, covering a variety of financial topics. In addition, our Financial Literacy Subject Guide collects books, databases, and websites into one easy reference guide.

Spanish Conversation Circles

We have a new Spanish Conversation Circles group! Classes will be weekly on Mondays at 6 p.m. from October 15 through December 17th.