Technology Classes

Sign up for an individual help session with a member of the library’s reference staff.

We can assist with basic computer skills on laptops, tablets and phones including Internet searching, email, Microsoft Office, e-books, online job applications, genealogy, and social media. Please note that we are unable to:

• assist patrons in financial transactions or any processes that involve the handling of sensitive personal information
• run diagnostics or fix a broken computer.
• install software unrelated to library services.
• provide help for anything outside of basic computer and Internet instruction.

Patrons are required to notify the library if they are unable to attend an appointment.
Library staff will notify patrons if there is a need to postpone or cancel an appointment.
No more than three appointments can be booked per patron in a 6-month period.
Library and volunteer tutors cannot be held responsible for damage to patron-owned equipment.

If there is a topic you would like to to learn about, please email or call the reference department at 508-624-6992.